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1.The Fragility of Goodness: Luck and Ethics in Greek Tragedy and PhilosophyCambridge University PressCambridge1986
2.Love's knowledge: essays on philosophy and literatureOxford University Press - USANew York1990
3.Essays on Aristotle's "De anima"Clarendon PressOxford1992
4.The quality of lifeClarendon PressOxford1993
5.Women, Culture, and Development: A Study of Human CapabilitiesOxford University Press - USANew York1995
6.Poetic justice; the literary imagination and public lifeBeacon PressBoston1995
7.For love of country: debating the limits of patriotismBeacon PressBoston1996
8.Cultivating humanity: a classical defense of reform in liberal educationBelknap Press of Harvard University Press, TheCambridge1997
9.Sex and Social JusticeOxford University Press - USANew York1998
10.Plato's 'Republic': the good society and the deformation of desireThe Library of CongressWashington, D.C.1998
11.Clones and clones: Facts and fantasiess about human cloningW. W. Norton Publishing CompanyNew York1999
12.The Sleep of Reason: erotic experience and sexual ethics in ancient Greece and RomeUniversity of Chicago PressChicago2002
13.Hiding From Humanity: Disgust, Shame, and the LawPrinceton University PressPrinceton2004
14.Coltivare l'umanitàCarocciRoma2006
15.Frontiers of Justice: Disability, Nationality, Species MembershipBelknap Press of Harvard University Press, TheCambridge2007.043
16.Not for Profit. Why Democracy Needs the HumanitiesPrinceton University PressPrinceton2013
17:Non per profitto. Perchè le democrazie hanno bisogno della cultura umanisticaIl MulinoBologna2015.07
18.Anger and Forgiveness. Resentment, Generosity, JusticeOxford University PressNew York2016
19:Rabbia e perdono. La generosità come giustiziaIl MulinoBologna2017.09


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