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1.Concepts of Space. The History of Theories of Space in PhysicsHarvard University PressCambridge1954
2.Concepts of force. A Study in the Foundations of Dynamics1957
3.Concepts of Mass in Classical and Modern Physics1961
4:Storia del concetto di spazioFeltrinelliMilano1963.05
5.The Conceptual Development of Quantum MechanicsMcGraw-Hill Book CompanyNew York1966
6:Storia del concetto di forzaFeltrinelliMilano1971.06
7.The Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics: The Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics in Historical PerspectiveInterscience/John WileyNew York1974
8:Storia del concetto di spazioFeltrinelliMilano1979.04
9:Storia del concetto di massa nella fisica classica e modernaFeltrinelliMilano1980.06
10.The Conceptual Development of Quantum MechanicsAmerican Institute of PhysicsNew York1989
11.Einstein and Religion: Physics and TheologyPrinceton University PressPrinceton1999
12.Concepts of Mass in Contemporary Physics and PhilosophyPrinceton University PressPrinceton2000
13:Einstein e l'etere. Relatività e teoria del campo unificatoEdizioni DedaloBari2001.06
14.Concepts of Simultaneity: From Antiquity to Einstein and BeyondJohns Hopkins University PressBaltimore city2006


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